Follow me EV 电动轿车

纯电驱动机场引导车插件 | Follow me e-tron for FlightGear

Follow me EV 是一款为娱乐目的而设计的,具有中国特色的半虚构FlightGear机场引导车辆。 这辆车最开始基于Gijs的Followme车辆制作,经过全面改造重构后除了外观依旧保留初始的雷诺Kangoo一代设计外,已经成为了一辆全新的电动汽车,并具备无比真实的纯电超级跑车驾驶体验。


车辆还包含了先进的用于键盘控制的辅助转向系统(仍在试验阶段)、'AutoCrash'自动驾驶系统和'AutoSpeed'自动巡航系统, 增强了驾驶的便捷性。此外,还支持AutoHold功能、倒车雷达、安全气囊,以及实验性的主动刹车(AEB)系统。

Follow me EV提供了多样化的内饰选择,包括数个可交互的3D内饰,以及具有多种风格的仪表可供选装。 较新的内饰风格支持Canvas液晶显示仪表。车辆提供了数个中国大陆样式的车辆牌照可供选择安装。

Follow me EV支持完整的联机游戏功能,包括联机乘客功能。我们还制作了动态模型系统,可以动态增加收费站、服务区等建筑物模型。 此外,车辆包括了一个加长(Limo)版本、支持多种语言的教程、保存/恢复等功能。

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The Follow me e-tron, also known as Follow me EV, is a semi-fictional follow-me vehicle based on Gijs's work. It's an electric-powered version with Chinese characteristics and was created for fun. Being the first electric car in FlightGear, it offers a realistic electric supercar driving experience with the exterior of the classic Renault Kangoo I Follow me vehicle.

At its core is a realistic electric engine, meticulously programmed in Nasal, complemented by a detailed electrical system, also written in Nasal. For driving assistance, it includes an advanced steering helper and unique systems like 'AutoCrash' and 'AutoSpeed'. The vehicle's functionality is further enhanced with an Auto Hold feature, parking radar, and working airbags. It also experiments with an Advanced Emergency Braking (AEB) system. The interior of the Follow me e-tron is highly customizable, offering several fully remodeled interiors with operational switches. Users can choose from various instrument styles, including a Canvas glass display instrument tailored for specific interior designs. For personalization, the Follow me e-tron offers selectable license plates in a Chinese style and a variety of liveries. It is fully equipped for multiplayer interaction, supporting multiplayer passengers, dynamic scenery object placement, and management. A standout feature is its limo variant, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness. These features collectively make the Follow me e-tron a pioneering model in the FlightGear universe, combining realism, customization, and innovation.